Quintin Botha (Financial Advisory and Investments at Equitas Bluestar at Sanlam)

Quintin Botha

Financial Advisory and Investments at Equitas Bluestar at Sanlam

Quintin Botha is an individual with a construction industry background and extensive sales, financial and business development experience. His experience within these industries has equipped him well for being very analytical about businesses' functionality, success ratios as well as the risk managment involved for both the individual and company alike. He now use and develop analytical business systems and procedures to set up and maintain businesses at optimal rate as well as render financial advisory and intermediary services for commercial and personal lines. He has a passion for business, financial planning, conservation, construction, farming and development while making a difference to the earth and world we live in.

Prince Mkosana (Project Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Prince Mkosana

Project Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific

SAIIE Council Member (2nd Vice-President) & MC