Rojanette Coetzee (Research Director of Faculty of Engineering, North West University, Potchefstroom Campus)

Rojanette Coetzee

Research Director of Faculty of Engineering, North West University, Potchefstroom Campus

Rojanette is both a farmer's wife and an Industrial Engineer—an annoying combination, as her husband humorously notes: “Everything worked well on this farm, until you pointed out that it did not”.

Her research aims to bring industry and academia closer, by using proven industrial engineering techniques, as well as applied research, to develop pragmatic solutions that will assist farmers, organisations and the wider value chain with everyday challenges. She is currently working on projects to improve the flow in cattle handling facilities, cattle feedlots and cattle auctions. Additionally, she's working on creating food production systems and guiding Lean-Agri initiatives within agricultural companies.

CP Kriek (Managing Director of Taaibosch Piggery)

CP Kriek

Managing Director of Taaibosch Piggery

CP completed his B.Eng Industrial Engineering from the University of Pretoria in 2008 after which he completed his Honours from the UP and CPIM from SAPICS in 2010. He started his career as an ERP / Supply Chain consultant with a tour in Zambia before deciding to join the Agricultural Industry. CP and his wife Gerda, also an Industrial Engineer, own and operate a commercial piggery, with a purebred nucleus and feed mill. Their passion for systems and data is an integral part of their business.

Chris van Dyk (Business Analyst at Taaibosch Piggery)

Chris van Dyk

Business Analyst at Taaibosch Piggery

In 2021, Chris received his degree in Industrial Engineering. While completing his degree, he observed a growth in data and technology usage in the Agricultural industry. He then decided to participate as an industrial engineer with the purpose of using data and technology to help farms become more efficient.

He has published two conference papers, one at SAIIE33 and the other at ISEM2023. Currently, he is completing a Master's degree addressing the problematic relationship between farm administration and quality management while working as a Business Analyst for Taaibosch.

Jacques Faure (Principal Consultant at Faure Enterprise Engineering)

Jacques Faure

Principal Consultant at Faure Enterprise Engineering

As a conscientious young man, I made the decision to follow a career in Industrial Engineering, and since then I have developed a furious passion for it, unconsciously living the principles in everyday life.

I am a conceptual thinker, with an intuitive understanding of processes and a strongly developed sense of simplification. As a dynamic team player, practicing a servant leadership style, I aim to enable the individual for the benefit of the team. Integrity and accountability are of key importance to me. I make a continuous effort to develop my industry-specific skills further into transferable skills. A well-developed sense of self has led to my appointment to the SAIIE Council as the youngest member of Council in the history of the Institute, where I was elected to serve as President in April 2021, and most recently conferred an Honorary Fellowship.

I am adventurous, ambitious, a contagiously big dreamer and have a strong determination to make a positive difference. Arduous lessons from my professional experience also keep me humble and securely grounded.