Dieter Hartmann (Hazaa! Consulting)

Dieter Hartmann

Hazaa! Consulting

Dieter Hartmann believes that Industrial Engineers can fix everything. As such, he has spent his career looking at how industrial engineering approaches can make healthcare, mining, manufacturing and education better. In doing so he has worked in with and for major manufacturers, private and public hospitals, universities and in mines. Some highlights include the reduced waiting time of patients at a major hospital from almost 8 hours to just under 3 – for free! Tunnel development in a gold mine quadrupling speed through improved scheduling and planning. On a major capital project discovering that the location of the canteen was the reason for only 3 productive hours per shift. Understanding the supply chain dynamics of informal waste collection and understanding the e-waste landscape in South Africa.

He is passionately passionate and what is really interesting about him is that he wears bowties despite the ridicule, enjoys red wine and once very, very nearly met Barrack Obama.