Linking with our 33rd SAIIE Annual Conference theme, The Industrials - Marvellous world of IE, SAIIE invites you to attend a free 2-hour webinar titled: The Three Industrials: Industrial Engineering, Industrial Design and Industrial Psychology

During this webinar the presenter will focus on:

  • Unpacking the three domains of industrial engineering, -design, and -psychology
  • Exploring how these domains complement each other to shape better 21st-century organisations
  • Sharing a case study of how a global consulting engineering firm leverages the power of these domains
  • Discuss how these domains could converge in education and practice

This webinar is validated for 0.2 CPD credits. A CPD certificate will be issued only to current active SAIIE members and professionally registered members from other Voluntary Associations who attend this online engagement after verification of attendance via the event platform's check-in and check-out status of each attendee.

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